Marine Fish Profiles

Containing some of the most adapted, beautiful, diverse and unusual fish that this hobby sees, any site would be incomplete without the profiles of some of these wonderful creatures. Here is where you will be able to find care sheets for some of these gorgeous, yet unusual critters.

For those unfamiliar with the categories of marine fish species, we have included this list to help you understand the types of fish included in each category:

Blennoid & Gobioid includes all blennies, gobies and dragonette species.
Labroids contains the Wrasse and parrotfish groups.
Chaetodontids has the Butterfly fish.
Percoids is home of the Cardinal fish, basslets, and jawfish groups.
Basses contain Pseudochromis, and marine bass species.
Damselfish includes all damsels and clown fish.
Pomacanthidae has every marine angel, pygmy and otherwise.
Acanthuroids contains the popular Tangs, and surgeons.
Tetradontiforms includes Triggers, files, and puffers.
Others includes any species that don't fall into one of the above categories.

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